Resources: A Buchanan Bibliography
Images & Engravings of James Buchanan
Hall, H. B. James Buchanan. Etching, after a daguerreotype. New York: H. B. Hall & Sons, 1877.
  Healy, George Peter Alexander. President Buchanan. Oil on canvas. 1859. Dickinson College. Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  James Buchanan. Engraving, after a portrait in the possession of J. D. Buttre, Esq. New York: Johnson, Fry & Co., 1864.
  James Buchanan, Democratic Candidate for Fifteenth President of the United States. Lithograph. New York: N. Currier, 1856.
  Sartain, J. James Buchanan. Mezzotint engraving, after a portrait by J. Eichholtz. N.p., 1840.
  Tichenor, J. C. James Buchanan. Engraving, after a portrait by G. P. A. Healy. N.p., 1898.
  Walter, A. B. James Buchanan. President of the U. S. Engraving. Washington, DC: C. Bohn, c1860.