Biographical Sketch
     Montagu Frank Modder, Visiting Professor of English at Montagu Frank Modder (1891-1958)Dickinson College for the 1957-58 academic year, was born on November 24, 1891 in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where his father served as a Chief Justice for the British Government. Modder received his undergraduate education at Royal College in Ceylon and Springfield College in Massachusetts, and, in the midst of his studies, also served with the British military in World War I. He went on to receive advanced degrees from Clark University Comedy and Tragedy Masks(M.A.) and the University of Michigan (Ph.D.), and pursued additional graduate studies at Yale University and at Cambridge and Oxford in England.

     Dr. Modder taught for five years as Professor of English at Miami University in Ohio. He also taught at West VirginiaMan in Stocks University and the University of Michigan, although the majority of his teaching years were spent at Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he was a member of the faculty for 22 years (1935-1957).

     Dr. Modder is best known as the author of The Jew in the History of Literature, which has gone through numerous editions and reprintings. He was also known for his many political cartoons, which were prominently featured in The Christian Science Monitor, The Milwaukee Journal, The Capital Times (Madison, WI), The Daily News (Beloit, WI), and The Sentinel (Carlisle, PA), among other newspapers and magazines.

     Modder was also the author and illustrator for two manuscripts, "The Spirit of Britain" and "Pictorial Shakespeare." These Tudor Englandtwo elaborately illustrated manuscripts capture Modder's love of English literature and his talent as an amateur artist. "The Spririt of Britain" consists of nearly one thousand illustrated pages Shakespeare and His Worksregarding the history and literature of Great Britain. "Pictorial Shakespeare" is in varying stages of completion as compared to "The Spirit of Britain;" its more than 200 pages detail the life, work, and times of William Shakespeare. "Pictorial Shakespeare" is all the more interesting because preliminary drafts and sketches are included along with the completed pages, offering a glimpse into Dr. Modder's creative process.

     Montagu Frank Modder married Mary Work in 1927, and the couple raised twin daughters, Anne and Lucy. Dr. Modder passed away on May 31, 1958 at his home in Carlisle at the age of 67.

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