Design and Process
Pictorial Shakespeare Title Page     The method employed by Dr. Modder in the creation of his illustrated manuscripts has, thankfully, been preserved though the various stages of completion in which we find "Pictorial Shakespeare." This manuscript is comprised of over two hundred near-finished pages of text and image, often accompanied by drafts of the completed pages. As such, "Pictorial Shakespeare" allows the viewer Page 49to appreciate the creative process involved in the making of the manuscript. The sample pages displayed below show the progression from rough watercolor sketches that establish the general design and layout of the page, with sections for the text that will be filled in later outlined in blue, to final copies with more detailed drawings and more careful coloring. Occasionally, an intermediary step prior to the final draft is represented in the form of a more detailed ink drawing that likely served as a template from which the final version could be drawn.
Please click on any of the following thumbnails to see the progression from rough to final draft:
Page 138
Page 223
Page 87
Page 27
Page 28
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