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Patagonia Mosaic Digital Collection
The Patagonia Mosaic project has collected a large number of images and documents. These have been digitized and are accessible via Dickinson College's DEILA server (ContentDM). Browse or search the collection.

Historic Timeline of Comodoro Rivadavia
A social, cultural, and economic review of the history of Comodoro Rivadavia in the 20th century. Currently available only in Spanish.

Patagonia Mosaic Digital Library
In addition to the Patagonia Mosaic Digital Collection of photographs and documents, the project is also is building a library of digital resources such as books, newspapers, yearbooks, and similar items. Visit frequently for updates.

Patagonia Mosaic 2001
Examines trans-Atlantic migration, ethnic and labor relations, and community development among various ethnic groups in the oil company towns of Patagonia. A student-faculty team engaged in collaborative ethnography, oral history, and archival research with faculty and students from the National University of Patagonia “San Juan Bosco” and residents from the company towns of the area of Comodoro Rivadavia. Conducted in 2001.