Rosa Pincol was born on Chiloé in Chile, and had a short childhood as her father died when she was between four and five years old.  Her grandmother had a large role in her upbringing.  She immigrated to Comodoro Rivadavia when she was around twelve years old. Adjustment was not easy; she was an object of fun in her new schoolmates, for example.  Pincol has lived in the Barrio San Martin ever since.  Married when she was fifteen, Pincol says that through her marriage she was able to find liberty.  She describes her life with her mother as very constricted, since she was not permitted to do anything outside of the home.  Currently, having indigenous roots, she speaks to schools and groups about her Mapuche heritage. She urges people not to hide their indigenous roots, which she calls not indigenous, but “originario” or original.