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About the Author

Jacob Cauffman Bomberger

Jacob Cauffman Bomberger, owner of the Mechanics’ Bank at Harrisburg, was born in Middletown, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 16, 1817, the youngest son of John and Elizabeth Cauffman Bomberger.  His ancestors emigrated from Baden, Germany and arrived in Pennsylvania in 1722. 

Until the age of 14, when Bomberger began learning the trade of merchandising in Elizabethtown and Shippensburg, Jacob was educated in Middletown.  Upon the death of the owner, Bomberger took over the dry-goods store, where he had apprenticed.  Starting in 1845 he worked as a clerk in the bank at Middletown, leaving in 1851 to hold an elected position as the assistant clerk to the Senate of Pennsylvania.  During his term he played a vital role in securing a charter for the Mechanics’ Bank in Harrisburg.  Upon its organization in May 1851, he was elected to the position of cashier, a position which he held until the expiration of the bank’s charter in 1867.  The bank was one of the most successful banking houses in Pennsylvania.  As Bomberger’s work contributed greatly to that success, he had become the sole owner by 1867.  It was through his efforts that many banks across Pennsylvania participated in the Pennsylvania loan during the Civil War.

Bomberger played important roles outside of the banking world as well.  Throughout his life he was a dedicated Whig and spent much time in influential political circles.  He was appointed to the Board of Trustees for the State Lunatic Hospital by Governor Curtin, serving on the board for ten years.  Along with Eli Slifer, Bomberger was appointed commissioner to investigate the state of the bank of Pennsylvania in 1858.   He was also a delegate to the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1868 to nominate General Grant for the Presidency.  

Unmarried to the time of his death, Jacob C. Bomberger died June 18, 1897 from multiple illnesses and old age.

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Researched, authored, and edited by Margaret Browndorf.

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