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About the Author

Israel Gutelius

Israel Gutelius was the ninth of fifteen children born to Frederick Adam and Anna Catherine Bistel Gutelius.  He was born on October 30, 1803 in East Buffalo Township, Union County, Pennsylvania.  His father was a blacksmith but later worked as a surveyor, a conveyancer, clerk, and justice of the peace.  As a youth, Gutelius took part in a foundry business with some of his brothers.

His professional life can be divided into two interrelated spheres: politics and journalism.  After being elected a trustee of Mifflingburg Academy, Gutelius served as president of the trustees in 1837.  In 1840, Gutelius was elected sheriff of Union County and moved his family to New Berlin, housing the county jail in his basement.  He continued as sheriff until removed in 1853, but was soon reinstated as Assistant Marshall to acknowledge his past service as Sheriff.  Throughout his life, Israel Gutelius remained an ardent Whig. 

Gutelius’s politics heavily influenced his life as newspaper proprietor.  Israel Gutelius began his career as newspaper owner when he acquired the Anti-Masonic Star in 1839, which he subsequently renamed the Union Star.  The paper was widely known to be a Whig newspaper.  After selling the press for the Union Star in 1843, Gutelius began printing the partly-German  and partly-English newspaper Der Demokrat, also known as Union Demokrat.  He used the paper, which had a large circulation at one thousand, to advocate the division of Union County into two counties—Union and Snyder Counties.  In the Pennsylvania Senate, Eli Slifer worked with Gutelius to successfully bring about the division.  Subsequently, Gutelius was involved in the debate over the county seats of Union and Snyder.   The newspaper ceased printing on April 28, 1861.

Israel Gutelius married Sarah Haus from Trappe, Montgomery Co., Pa. in 1811.  Together they had ten children.  In his personal life, Israel advocated temperance and was president of a Temperance Organization in New Berlin.  He passed away September 11, 1863 at 60 years of age.

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Researched, authored, and edited by Margaret Browndorf.

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