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About the Author

John Weinland Killinger

John Weinland Killinger was born on September 18, 1825 in Annville, Lebanon County, Pa. to John and Fanny Killinger.   He graduated from Mercersburg Preparatory School in Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pa.  He continued his studies at Marshall College in Mercersburg (now Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, Pa.), graduating in 1843.  He subsequently served as a trustee from 1852 to 1874 and from 1884 to 1894.  In 1846, Killinger was admitted to the bar and continued to practice law until a decade before his death.   He also spent some of his occupational energies in the newspaper field working with the Philadelphia Daily News and the Lebanon Courier.

Killinger was an active Republican, acting as delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1856.  He served as a representative to the Pennsylvania Congress from 1850 and 1851.  From 1854-1857 he was a Pennsylvania State Senator.  He was elected by the 10th congressional district to represent them in the 36th and 37th Congresses from 1859-1863.  He followed this time as an assessor of internal revenue from 1864-1866.  Subsequently he served again in the House of Representatives during the 42nd and 43rd Congresses for the 14th congressional district.

Following his time in political public service, Killinger worked as a solicitor for the Philadelphia & Reading railroads.  On November 25, 1851, Killinger married Mary Hittell, with whom he had three children.  He died in Lebanon, Pa. on June 30, 1896.

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