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About the Author

Elizabeth Anna Low

Elizabeth Anna Low was born on August 21, 1868, the only daughter of Dr. Elisha Warwick Miller Low and his wife Rebecca Jane Hill Low. In addition to Elizabeth, the Lows had two sons, John Vincent and George Lane Low. The family resided in Lime Ridge, near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth received her early education from the Bloomsburg Literary Institute (later Bloomsburg State College), graduating in 1886. She then attended the Dickinson Preparatory School for a year before enrolling in the college as one of only five female members of the class of 1891. As a student Low was active as class secretary and poet, and also served as business manager of the Browning Literary Society (the college’s literary society for women) and as an editor on the Microcosm yearbook staff in 1890. She received her bachelor of arts degree from Dickinson in 1891. In 1951, Low penned this account of her student days at Dickinson, titled “I was a Co-Ed.”

After graduation, Low returned to her family home in Lime Ridge and remained there for the rest of her life. She and her brothers inherited a large sum of money from their parents, and thus became generous benefactors to the community. Having never married and having no children of her own, Low was nonetheless keenly interested in the education of the youth in the Bloomsburg area. In 1959 she and her brother John established the E. W. M. Low Foundation (in memory of their father) in order to provide education, recreation, and self-improvement opportunities for area youth; a youth center was built shortly thereafter. Low also displayed her patriotism by serving as chairperson of Center Township’s Liberty Bond drive during World War I. She was also an active member of the Moses VanCampen Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

In her later years, Low became less active, and retired to her home in order to keep house for herself and John after the death of their brother George. Elizabeth Anna Low died on October 24, 1962 after suffering two heart attacks. In her will, she continued her generosity by providing her surviving brother with $3000 a year until his death, after which time the money would revert to Dickinson College in order to establish the George Lane Low Memorial Scholarship. She had previously given $10,000 to the college to provide for a Moses VanCampen Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship in 1961 to be given to needy students, preferably from Columbia County. Other beneficiaries of Low’s will included the Bloomsburg Hospital and the Low Foundation.

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Low, Elizabeth Anna, 1868-1962.

Researched, authored, and edited by Michele M. Tourney and Caroline Radesky.

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