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About the Author

Thomas G. Orwig

Thomas Gilbert Orwig, patent lawyer and Civil War captain, was born June 24, 1834 to Samuel Orwig and Mary (née Myers) Orwig in Mifflinburg, Pa.  There is little information on him prior to the Civil War.  He owned and operated the Union County Star with his brother Reuben.  They sold the paper to Oliver Worden after a year of ownership.

On June 20, 1861, Orwig mustered into service with the 43rd Regiment, 1st artillery, Battery E as a first lieutenant. In 1862, he was promoted to captain, and, in this capacity, he served in the peninsular campaign under McClellan and in the Army of the James.  After a three-year term, Orwig resigned with his regiment on September 21, 1864. 

After the Civil War, Orwig moved to Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and opened a patent office.  There he was known politically as a Republican turned Prohibitionist. Orwig established a paper in Iowa known as The Industrial Motor in 1872, which was mainly devoted to mechanics, patent rights, and new inventions. 

He married Mary E. Sipp in Middletown, N.Y. on February 6, 1864.  They lived together in Yorktown until the end of his service.  They had two children—Mabel A. Orwig, who had been adopted, and Mary Gilberta Orwig born February 24, 1865 and who died January 26, 1867.  His wife died March 10, 1907.  His official date of death is unknown. 

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Researched, authored, and edited by Margaret Browndorf.

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