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About the Author

James M. Sellers
(d. 1887)

James M. Sellers, state senator, was the son of Joseph Sellers and Anna Sharon Sellers.  He had four sisters: Margaret, Sarah, Mary and Anna.  His father owned a saw-mill and surrounding land that passed to James M. Sellers upon his death in 1841. 

He was known as a school teacher in a McAllisterville, Pennsylvania school founded by Stephan George for a number of years.  He was interested in the political life of Union and Juniata counties.  Sellers was a strong advocate of the division of Union County and worked to this end with Israel Gutelius and Eli Slifer.  In fact, when he took a spot in the Pennsylvania Senate in 1855 as a Republican, one he held until 1857, he replaced Slifer. 

He was married to Rachel Sellers, who died ten years after their marriage.  Sellers died in Philadelphia on June 21, 1877.

Please visit the following link for materials authored by James M. Sellers maintained in the Their Own Words database:

Sellers, James M., xxxx-1887.

Researched, authored, and edited by Margaret Browndorf.

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