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Biddle, Edward, 1852-1931.

The Old College Lot. Carlisle: Hamilton Library Association, 1920.

Bingham, William, 1752-1804.

A Letter from an American Now Resident in London, to a Member of Parliament, on the Subject of the Restraining Proclamation; and Containing Strictures on Lord Sheffield's Pamphlet on the Commerce of the American States. Philadelphia: Printed and sold by Robert Bell, in Third-street, 1784.

Cooper, Thomas, 1759-1839.

An Account of the Trial of Thomas Cooper, of Northumberland: On a Charge of Libel Against the President of the United States. Philadelphia: Printed by J. Bioren, 1800.

A Discourse on the Connexion Between Chemistry and Medicine Delivered in the University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 5, 1818. Philadelphia: A. Small, 1818.

The Introductory Lecture of Thomas Cooper, Esq. Carlisle, PA: Printed by A. Loudon, 1812.

Letters on the Slave Trade: First Published in Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle; and Since Re-Printed with Additions and Alterations. Manchester [UK]: Printed by C. Wheeler, 1787.

A Manual of Political Economy. Washington, DC: D. Green, 1834.

A Reply to Mr. Burke's Invective Against Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Watt, in the House of Commons, on the 30th of April, 1792. Manchester: Printed by M. Falkner and co., 1792.

The Scripture Doctrine of Materialism. Philadelphia: 1823.

Strictures Addressed to James Madison on the Celebrated Report of William H. Crawford, Recommending the Inter-marriage of Americans with the Indian Tribes. Philadelphia: Printed by Jesper Harding, 1824.

Davidson, Robert, 1750-1812.

A Sermon on the Freedom and Happiness of the United States of America, Preached in Carlisle, on the 5th Oct. 1794. Philadelphia: Printed by Samuel H. Smith for Robert Campbell, 1794.

Dickinson, John, 1732-1808.

An Address on the Past, Present, and Eventual Relations of the United States to France. New York: Printed by T. and J. Swords, 1803.

The Letters of Fabius, in 1788, on the Federal Constitution; and in 1797 on the Present Situation of Public Affairs. From the office of the Delaware Gazette, Wilmington, by W. C. Smyth, 1797.

A Speech, Delivered in the House of Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania, May 24th, 1764. Philadelphia: Printed; London: Re-printed for J. Whiston and B. White, 1764.

Durbin, John Price, 1800-1876.

Addresses Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA. On Tuesday Evening, April 6, 1852. Philadelphia: W. F. Geddes, 1852.

Goucher, John Franklin, 1845-1922.

Christianity and the United States. New York: Eaton & Mains; Cincinnati: Jennings & Graham, c1908.

How, Samuel Blanchard, 1790-1868.

An Address on Intemperance, Delivered Before The Temperance Society of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Carlisle, PA: Printed by George Fleming, 1830.

Slaveholding Not Sinful. Slavery, the Punishment of Man's Sin, its Remedy, the Gospel of Christ. New Brunswick, NJ: J. Terhune's Press, 1856.

Low, Elizabeth Anna, 1868-1962.

I Was a Co-ed. Unpublished, 1951.

McKim, James Miller, 1810-1872.

A Sketch of the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia, Contained in Two Letters. Pittsburgh, PA : Pittsburgh and Allegheny Anti-Slavery Society, 1838.

McLanahan, James Xavier, 1809-1861.

Speech of Mr. J. X. McLanahan, of Pennsylvania, on the Slave Question. Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 19, 1850. Washington, DC: Jno T. Towers, 1850.

Nisbet, Charles, 1736-1804.

The Usefulness and Importance of Human Learning, A Sermon Preached before the Trustees of Dickinson College. Carlisle: Kline & Reynolds, 1786.

Popel, Esther, 1896-1958.

A Forest Pool . Washington, DC: Privately Printed, 1934.

Personal Adventures in Race Relations. New York: The Woman's Press, 1946.

Rush, Benjamin, 1745-1813.

Considerations on the Injustice and Impolicy of Punishing Murder by Death. Philadelphia: M. Carey, 1792.

Shaw, Esther Popel, 1896-1958.

See Popel, Esther.

Taney, Roger Brooke, 1777-1864.

Habeas Corpus: The Proceedings in the Case of John Merryman, of Baltimore County, Maryland, before the Hon. Roger Brooke Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Baltimore, MD: Lucas Brothers, 1861.

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